Wednesday, 19 June 2013

WSA Degree show 2013! Part 2

Here are some more highlights from the Fine Art part of the WSA Degree Show 2013.

Matilda Skelton Mace

Matilda's work is always visually interesting, she says of her work "I work with the building blocks of reality- space, light, and geometric form. I am interested in the dissonance between real and virtual space and the way we perceive it."
See more of Matilda's work here:

Dermot Gibson

Dermot's paintings are the kind that you look at and realise that every element holds them together. They have a balance to them which makes me feel as if one part was missing the painting would be incomplete. Find out more here:

Donna Vokes

Donna creates playful and unexpected sculptures and works with a variety of media to explore colour and shape. Find more of her work here:

All of these artists and more will be showing their work at SQUIEZE 2013


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