Wednesday, 17 September 2008


College work 01
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Lately, i haven't had much money, partly because of college. Partly because of my brother and i guess the fact that everything is more expensive now and i still have the same money i had before, or well, less.

But no matter, i can't skate, i can't shop, but i can get my college work done, and that's what i've been doing, and what i'll be doing more of this weekend, i'm doing a comic book/fairy tale thing i think for my final piece for this 'Narrative' project.

The pic i posted is from my sketchbook and is a guy from the comic 'Snaked', however i think it looks more liek the joker or something. One day i might like something i do...

Next wednesday we are doing photography 'The Traditional City' so that should be fun. Then i can go skateing again next week, if its on, as i should get paid around then...I'm liking these dots today apparently.

I watched atonement a few days ago, and it nearly made me cry. Nearly.

It's funny because i used to be a really emotional person, but now, nothing. I don't know what that is. But i hardly ever get upset or cry, i don't even really get angry any more. weird.

Anyhow....(there i go again)...

ttfn xoxo