Friday, 29 March 2013

Photocopy Lithography.

Writing this up for a workshop and generally for future reference. I will try to remember to add pictures the next time I do this.

You need:

1 fresh photocopied picture, needs to be 1-2 days old max, copied using a large photocopier, not the desktop laser kind.
Barren/wooden spoon
Flat absorbant paper
Gum arabic
Oil based etching ink
Water in spray bottle
Glass or Perspex plate.
Jar/tray of water


Spray glass or perspex with a light spray of water (This should help the image to stay still).
Lay photocopied image with image facing upwards.
Paint image with a layer of gum arabic.

Roll out some ink, carefully roll the ink onto the photocopy. Roll in one direction, so as to not disturb the paper.

Using a clean sponge, dip into water and carefully move over the image, the ink will stick to the black areas of the photocopy but will gradually come off of the white areas as you sponge.

Place a sheet of paper on top of the image, gently use the barren on the back of the paper to transfer the image.

When you peel away your paper, the image should be transferred.

You can also use a press, but you must be very careful when moving the image as the wet photocopy paper is very delicate.

You can take more than one print from the same image, though the paper degrades very quickly.

The best images to use for this have a strong contrast.