Friday, 9 March 2012

Free Cake Exhibition

Photos by Tessa Gray

A couple of weeks ago Tessa Gray and I had an exhibition in Westside Foyer. We placed posters around the University advertising free cake, however upon arriving at the exhibition it became apparent to the viewer that the cake was not possible to reach as it was very high up from the floor.

People tried though and some succeeded.

We also showed videos from the photobooth project, which I will post footage of soon, and the earlier tempt project. I included the bronze cupcake from my personal work as an opposing object to the Tempt video.

Cake Lady Cynthia

For international Women's day I collaborated with two artists to make a lady out of cake. I've made a lot of work with cake recently and Grace Belli, who works close to me in the studio works a lot with naked ladies, so when she suggested we collaborate, it seemed ideal. Tess Gray is another artist who works mostly with painting, but we also regularly collaborate on many cake based ventures, so she also joined the collaboration and became head of painting.

We were going to do a show together at Winchester School of Art, however an opportunity presented itself to hold an exhibition at Southampton University Student's Union, for International Women's Day, so we took it.

It required a lot of baking.

It was a well received part of the exhibition and got a lot of attention. We invited people to help themselves and eat of her flesh. The piece became an interactive performance.

Photographs by Isaac Whitcombe

I also organised the exhibition, which was curated by Letitia Northcott, I will post pictures of the show in another entry.