Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Searching, always

I recently got back some pictures I took at an art show. The problem with film photography is that by the time I get round to getting the pictures developed, it is long after the events took place. It's interesting, we expect everything to be so instant now, show reviews to be up the instant a private view has taken place, easily accessed on the internet, which only makes us less and less patient. Anyway, on to the show.

 I went to see 'Searching, always' (a group show by arjeea21 artists at Gallery 49, Bracknell) in February 2013. It was an incredibly cold day, and although some of the work was on display in the windows, I didn't want to stay outside for too long to see it and spent most of my time inside the gallery. 

The work was really varied, under the loose theme of 'Searching, Always' the artists went in completely different directions, often taking transient objects or moments and giving them a permanence, from portraits, to everyday objects, to prints of a leaf.

As usual I took pictures of my favourite pieces and was particularly drawn to many of the pieces that came with a sense of mystery. Hopefully I will see more work from this group in the future.

Above - Work by Peter Driver

Above: Work by Roxana Tohaneanu-Shields

Tuesday, 21 May 2013


I decided to linocut a rabbit just before Easter, however I became pregnant shortly after and lost all of my creative drive due to feeling so sick.
Now that I'm feeling a bit perkier and reflecting back, a rabbit seemed oddly metaphoric of the whole situation.

 Numbered, named, signed and ready.

I decided to submit the print as an edition for the 20:20 project at Ochre Print Studio. So last Tuesday I printed 25 onto Somerset paper. 20 will go into boxes, along with the prints of other artists and I will receive a box of 20 prints myself, including one of my own and the work of 19 other artists. The final prints will be displayed and sold at the summer show at Ochre, which runs on the weekends of 15-16th June and 22nd-23rd June, 11am - 5pm.

Prints drying on the rack

Thursday, 16 May 2013

Chuck Close Prints: Process and Collaboration at the White Cube

I have always admired the work of Chuck Close, but have mainly known him from his paintings. When I read about his exhibition of Prints at the White Cube, I had to go. I'd never seen his work in person before and really wanted to get a sense of the scale and a look up close at the detail of some of his works.

The exhibition was definitely not a disappointment. Two things that really struck me were colour and technique. Close really understands colour in a way I don't feel I ever could. I imagine it's something which comes from years of work and dedication. Close knows how to add layer upon layer of colour to make a photo realistic print. It's truly amazing to see.

As for technique, Close's work is very logical and methodical. Each piece is planned out before hand. The exhibition showcased charts, plans and diagrams created by Close before completing each piece, as well as showing the stages of some pieces and the woodblocks used for a series of woodcuts. This gave me a serious insight into the way the pieces were achieved.

 This is a tapestry! I believe it is machine made, however the work involved in planning the piece and colours must have been great.

The details of this series were amazing, up close you can see every separate colour, like pixels. Standing back, the colours are spot on.


This series showed the build up of colours used to make the final print. 

This frame was a kind of metal stencil used to plan the grey paper pulp piece below. There were tiny numbers on the frame to indicate different shades of grey.

 This painting has now been produced as a woodcut!

Another tapestry

Chuck Close Prints: Process and Collaboration was at the White Cube, Bermondsy from 6th March - 21st April