Saturday, 20 December 2008

Christmas stall

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So things have been busy for the past couple of weeks. I finished my ucas form and my illustration project. We've started a new project now, called Public Art. We are making art for our local children's ward. For this we had to fundraise for frames and materials. The picture is of two of my classmates holding the stall sign, the stall is actually behind me here.

We made £110. Go us. We sold cakes, wrapping paper, cards & Christmas decorations. :)

Now all i have to do is make a piece of artwork. Well actually it's more complicated than that and involves proposals etc. But i'm not stressing about it yet.

Friday was my last day of work until January 5th. Today i plan to tidy the flat and maybe go to the post office, although i'm waiting for a package (my new Nikon D60 -*SQUEE*) and the post office closes in an hour so i may just stay in.