Monday, 29 September 2014

Recent History - An exhibition by current and past WSA students in The Brooks Shopping Centre, Winchester

Back in the summer I visited Winchester and saw a small show in The Brooks Shopping Centre. It was a show of work by students of Winchester School of Art and as always I took a few pictures. I don't know who all the work is by but will add names if I find any of the artists.

Meredith's first Artwork.

Things have been quiet here lately, but I'm starting to have time to do things again. Keeping Meredith amused is a full time job, so she's had to spend time with me in my studio. She's not quite old enough to sit at a desk and create things by herself yet, but she will play a while on the floor whilst I cut into some lino. 

We also made some artwork together week before last. It's pretty big. Merry is learning to walk, currently whilst holding my hand so we practised walking through paint and over paper. She wasn't sure about the paint on her feet and kept lifting them up. She was much more sold on putting her hands in it.

Here is the finished piece. I need a really big frame for it now. 

We used Acrylic and sprinkled gold dust on it whilst it was still wet. 

Her feet needed some washing afterwards.

I'll post more of our joint ventures and her own creations as she gets older.