Sunday, 20 June 2010

Winchester school of art Degree show. PART 2

Here is the second part of my post about the WSA degree show.

First is photographer Brooke Harwood. Brooke's work is all about the atmosphere to me, their photos are perfectly lit and a real showcase in how to light a photograph. The subjects are widely varied, from Southampton's red light district to pleasant whimsical photographs of the sky, i think she's one to watch.

Next is Edward Lawrenson. His paintings were amazing. I was curious to see them even when they were wrapped in bubble wrap and waiting to go onto the wall during set up. The way he paints is really unique.

Slight side point: He went to Cambridge regional college, which was where I did my National Diploma so I have an extra willingness for him to do well.

Thirdly is Graphics student and photographer Daniel Blake. I found his Urban decay photography engaging, maybe because it's an interest of mine. His images were enlightening as well as being perfectly composed. They also had just the right amount of light and colour.

Finally is Sarah Chorlton, I was fascinated by her work, maybe because there were a lot of railway pictures and I am really interested in the railway, it's so mysterious. Her photographs were really fascinating for me.

An image from her tumblr:

Please go and look at the websites of these artists. I'm sure they're all going to do so well.
Good luck to all of this years graduates. It's strange to think that in two years I will be one of them.

Winchester school of art Degree show. PART 1

Yes I am having to blog about the WSA degree show in separate parts. It was THAT awesome.
I took my camera along but it was out of film so I couldn't take any photos of the show, which was very sad, however I came up with an alternative solution, I took cards from my favourite artists so I could look them up and write about them and blog their cards :)

Up first is Jade Davies.

Jade is a Graphics student, who's work was about mapping human emotion, her website doesn't appear to be up right now so I can't read further into what it was about, but I really enjoyed the visual representation of human emotion.

I also liked the work of Kate/Katherine rogers. There was a really eerie beauty to the hundreds of sewn up flowers in her work. Katherine was a Fine Art student, which means I found it a little more difficult to discern what was going on in her work, graphics students normally tell you what they are putting across, where as fine art is more subjective and harder to read.

Finally, i really liked the work of Graphics student; James D Clark.
His photography reminded me of the traces series of photographs i was doing a couple of months ago. His photography was really exceptional and I enjoyed the themes.

His website is currently live and he has a lot of other interesting work up.

The work that I saw was from the series 'elsewhere'. He says on his website:

So actually his theme was very similar to what I was doing last semester, his exploration was a lot more thorough however. My work was about the transient traces that people leave behind. Here is a comparison of our work:

An image from my series:

An image from his:

I found the whole show very inspiring and will be writing about more of the Art students / emerging british artists in my next blog post.

Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Next generation Private view

The next generation at the London Miles Gallery is an exhibition showcasing new artistic talent, there were 12x12 inch artworks displayed from 45 international artists and also a sculptural installation by 'emerging british artists' which I was lucky enough to take part in.

You can see my box on the far left.
See my previous journal entry for more detailed pictures of it.

There was some really astounding artwork at the exhibtion, both in the main exhibition and in the box sculpture. I also met some very interesting and friendly people including a practicing artist who is working in a gallery space in London, I may go and see a private view there. I also met a really friendly photographer who was the event photographer and was telling me about her own work and a man who works within the centre containing the London Miles Gallery, Tess and I were keen to get our artwork into the centre and he had created a very amusing box for the sculpture as well showing the evolution of man - unfortunately I didn't get a picture of it.

All in all I really enjoyed the project and the message it was sending regarding recycling and reusing materials was a very good one!

The London miles gallery are a great place and very friendly towards students and emerging artists.

Sunday, 13 June 2010

Images from a new project;
Dilapidation // Texture

Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Next generation box project.

I recently took part in a project for the London Miles Gallery. For the project we had to create a box within the theme "The next generation". My box was a comment on the way that today's generation are so fragile, they are wasting away, making room for a new generation, who will probably be worse.

End of year exhibition

This was my piece from the end of year exhibition, it was a comment on the fragility of life and the decline and decay of the human body.

Digital pictures of my work by Tessa Gray.