Sunday, 20 June 2010

Winchester school of art Degree show. PART 2

Here is the second part of my post about the WSA degree show.

First is photographer Brooke Harwood. Brooke's work is all about the atmosphere to me, their photos are perfectly lit and a real showcase in how to light a photograph. The subjects are widely varied, from Southampton's red light district to pleasant whimsical photographs of the sky, i think she's one to watch.

Next is Edward Lawrenson. His paintings were amazing. I was curious to see them even when they were wrapped in bubble wrap and waiting to go onto the wall during set up. The way he paints is really unique.

Slight side point: He went to Cambridge regional college, which was where I did my National Diploma so I have an extra willingness for him to do well.

Thirdly is Graphics student and photographer Daniel Blake. I found his Urban decay photography engaging, maybe because it's an interest of mine. His images were enlightening as well as being perfectly composed. They also had just the right amount of light and colour.

Finally is Sarah Chorlton, I was fascinated by her work, maybe because there were a lot of railway pictures and I am really interested in the railway, it's so mysterious. Her photographs were really fascinating for me.

An image from her tumblr:

Please go and look at the websites of these artists. I'm sure they're all going to do so well.
Good luck to all of this years graduates. It's strange to think that in two years I will be one of them.

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  1. I love the little cards they've all done. One of them took photos for their cards which I thought was clever. The textile stuff, one who did the tracing paper cut up, I thought that was really good. Which one stood out most for you?? xx