Saturday, 20 December 2008

Christmas stall

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So things have been busy for the past couple of weeks. I finished my ucas form and my illustration project. We've started a new project now, called Public Art. We are making art for our local children's ward. For this we had to fundraise for frames and materials. The picture is of two of my classmates holding the stall sign, the stall is actually behind me here.

We made £110. Go us. We sold cakes, wrapping paper, cards & Christmas decorations. :)

Now all i have to do is make a piece of artwork. Well actually it's more complicated than that and involves proposals etc. But i'm not stressing about it yet.

Friday was my last day of work until January 5th. Today i plan to tidy the flat and maybe go to the post office, although i'm waiting for a package (my new Nikon D60 -*SQUEE*) and the post office closes in an hour so i may just stay in.


Sunday, 26 October 2008


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This is a picture of two books i have made.
The bottom one i made in college, it's the first one i made, the top one is one of three that i'm making for people, but they don't know about it yet.

Next on the list i want to learn coptic binding and crochet. Oh and marbleing.

I should really be doing work for my course but it's half term so i feel like i have ages even though i'm working 3 days of it.

The sky is really gloomy yet beautiful today.

I got...

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A haircut the other day, got a fringe cut in properly, err, this picture is actually before i got it cut in properly, but i took some pictures after and i didn't like any of them.

Anyway, i've been quite happy lately. Not been doing roller derby because i've had zero money. Just got paid for the first time in weeks so i may go next week if i can.

Been busy with the Art things, learnin g some bookbinding, plaster making and concrete making at college, we're doing welding in a couple of weeks too so that should be interesting as i've never worked with metal before.

I will post more later today :)


Wednesday, 17 September 2008


College work 01
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Lately, i haven't had much money, partly because of college. Partly because of my brother and i guess the fact that everything is more expensive now and i still have the same money i had before, or well, less.

But no matter, i can't skate, i can't shop, but i can get my college work done, and that's what i've been doing, and what i'll be doing more of this weekend, i'm doing a comic book/fairy tale thing i think for my final piece for this 'Narrative' project.

The pic i posted is from my sketchbook and is a guy from the comic 'Snaked', however i think it looks more liek the joker or something. One day i might like something i do...

Next wednesday we are doing photography 'The Traditional City' so that should be fun. Then i can go skateing again next week, if its on, as i should get paid around then...I'm liking these dots today apparently.

I watched atonement a few days ago, and it nearly made me cry. Nearly.

It's funny because i used to be a really emotional person, but now, nothing. I don't know what that is. But i hardly ever get upset or cry, i don't even really get angry any more. weird.

Anyhow....(there i go again)...

ttfn xoxo

Monday, 25 August 2008

The Tate, The Barbican & Cy Twombly

I had a fantastic weekend this weekend for the most part.

I spent Saturday in London, looking for artwork relating to Narratives for my latest project, although i was there doing work i had a lot of fun and wondered why i don't visit galleries more often.
There was a Cy Twombly exhibition at the Tate Modern, which i decided to go for as i'd already seen the four season paintings last year at the Tate and i had really liked them, i also felt that there might be more chance of finding series' of paintings or Narratives in that exhibition, and lucky for me there was, my real favourite was 'Hero and Leandro' which told the story of two lovers drowned at sea.

I really think that as i get older i am seeing art in a different way. I used to dismiss all modern art just a year ago, naively thinking it was all the same.

I also went to the Barbican Saturday and saw a large installation by a Chinese artist which was about the British Empire's Opium trade. i think it fulfilled my brief, but I'm not sure i liked it, i still don't really get installation art. I still wander past almost everything 3D in a gallery.

Anyway, on Sunday i wanted to go Rollerskating, but i didn't feel that well and my skates are beginning to really piss me off, so i didn't go in the end, which was a shame, but meant i got to spend some time with Beaver.

Today i visited my grandparents, who were staying at my Mothers house. Now i am about to read the final installment in the Twilight series by Stephanie Meyer. YAY books. :)

That's all for now!


Sunday, 10 August 2008

Been busy

This weekend has been mine and Beaver's first weekend off in a few weeks and we have been relaxing for the last 2 days.
I've misplaced my camera, so no pictures until i find it.

So lately, we've seen Caro and Garry, we had them over for dinner and it was yummy, we had fish. :) The next day we went to theirs and had lunch, which was king prawns and scallops in lemon juice, chilli powder and garlic (I may have recreated this a lot lately). Then we went off to Ros' Niel Gaimen Fancy Dress party, which was much fun, I saw Tinks and met Jamie, i saw Rosie, who i had not seen in ages, i hadn't seen Ros in a while either. I saw loads of other people too and it was great fun dressing up.

The next weekend we went to Jan's Birthday party, this was great fun except i got too drunk early on, fell asleep early evening and woke up feeling like death. Had some lovely BBQ food though and the weather was beautiful in the afternoon despite raining early on. We bought some Sea Breme including one for Jan and he apparently managed to feed Jen some of it the next day in a Thai curry, which is pretty impressive. That was a good party for seeing people i hadn't seen in ages too. I saw Graham and Kev and Sarah and Gribs and t'other Sarah.

So this weekend on Friday i went swimming with my mum and little brother which was fun and then had dinner at their house, Mum's boyfriend is an excellent cook.

Today and yesterday i've been sleeping, reading and doing not a lot :)


Wednesday, 23 July 2008

London RollerGirls

London RollerGirls
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On Saturday night i went to see Summer Shovin', which was live Roller Derby in the form of London Rollergirls Team Black vs Team Pink, we were cheering on Sky Rokit, who was in team pink. Team pink won overall and the match was awesome to watch, so fast paced and exciting, with girls flying in all directions (but mostly round the track), it really made me want to skate.

After the match we went to the after party in a pub and i drank a lot, this later resulted in me falling down some bus stairs, which was pretty traumatic, especially cos i fell on a member of my team. It was nice to meet so many other Rollergirls though, from Bedford, London and i think there was a girl from Australia that i met too, but i may be wrong as i was pretty pissed by then.

Unfortunately though, i'm not going to be skateing this week, i'm taking a break to let me neck heal properly and save some cash. I also really need to get me a helmet before i skate more as i'm always falling over. The Romsey Town Rollerbillies are skateing at Mill Road Social Centre tonight, i wish i was there, but i know it's sensible to not go until i'm healed and stuff.


Sunday, 13 July 2008


Hello and welcome to my blog.

Well what have i done lately? On Thursday i went to a meeting with the Romsey Town Rollerbillies and on Saturday i went training with them, which was a lot of fun, i'm still slower than a five year old but i like to say i'm getting better. I need some new wheels for my skates, mine seem quite slow. Anyway, on Saturday i'm going to see the London Rollergirls live in action, which should be very cool. If i can take pictures i'll be sure to post them, also on Wednesday there will be more squat training at the Mill Road Social Centre with the Romsey Town Rollerbillies, so yay, busy week ahead. May be out Thursday or Friday night too but we shall, have to see.

In other news, i have a part time job which has secured me a source of income so that i can do such above things and much more.

Hmmm what next? I went to Falmouth recently to see the sea (and the University). I could totally see myself living there, it's a beautiful town, however it's pretty much in the middle of nowhere so we shall see. I have other places to look at first.

My new college Fine Art project is Narratives. I haven't got very far with it yet, i did a brain storm, which is how i usually kick off the ideas, but it didn't really lead anywhere, i had a lot of ideas but none really happened any further. Maybe i had too many ideas or maybe i just don't understand the word 'Narrative'. Either way, i better visit some galleries soon and get started.

That's all for now.