Wednesday, 19 June 2013

WSA Degree show 2013! Part 2

Here are some more highlights from the Fine Art part of the WSA Degree Show 2013.

Matilda Skelton Mace

Matilda's work is always visually interesting, she says of her work "I work with the building blocks of reality- space, light, and geometric form. I am interested in the dissonance between real and virtual space and the way we perceive it."
See more of Matilda's work here:

Dermot Gibson

Dermot's paintings are the kind that you look at and realise that every element holds them together. They have a balance to them which makes me feel as if one part was missing the painting would be incomplete. Find out more here:

Donna Vokes

Donna creates playful and unexpected sculptures and works with a variety of media to explore colour and shape. Find more of her work here:

All of these artists and more will be showing their work at SQUIEZE 2013


Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Ochre Print Studio Summer Show 2013

Earlier in the year I completed an internship at Ochre Print Studio. I am now a member of the studio and recently I took part in a 20:20 boxed edition project. The project is a kind of print exchange, you made an edition and then you receive back one of your edition plus 19 other randomly selected prints. The final prints were displayed at the Ochre Print Studio Summer Show.

 The exhibition was also part of the Surrey Artist's Open Studios, which continues through to Sunday 23rd June. You can find more information about SAOS here: and more info about Ochre Print Studio here:

Here are some pictures of the complete edition, there were so many great prints. I now have my own box of 20 of them.

 My bunny is towards the bottom left


 I also really loved the following pieces.

 Annee Robson

 Dale Barker RE

 David Dragon

  Laurie King

 Anne Desmet RA

Next year I hope to submit more prints for the exhibition.

WSA Degree show 2013! Part 1

I feel like this years degree show was the one I had been most excited for of all the degree shows at Winchester School of Art (other than my own of course, although that was equally terrifying and stressful). I knew a lot of the students in the year below me and have seen them progress, more that I thought possible, since I left.

Here are the highlights (for me) from this years show.

Lydia Emma Heath

 Lydia's work looks at themes including surveillance and the politics in public society. I always find her work makes makes me question and think. Find more of her work at:

Melody Grossman

Melody began at WSA as a portrait painter and developed her work looking at the relationship between painting and photography. The work she showed in her degree show looked at the process of abstraction when taking an image from a photograph to a painting. Find more of her work at:

Hope Talbot

Hope's work is imaginitive and playful. I took a lot of pictures of the adorable fimo cats, but she is also an expert pattern creator, printmaker and paper cutter. Find more of her work at:

I will post more of the work I saw at the show soon.

Sunday, 2 June 2013

Current Influences

I had a dream last night that I was casting little resin houses. I have so many ideas for installations and performances and I need to get to work. My studio currently looks like this:

I am planning to finish painting it and get a desk in the next week and then I have lots of things to start. I'm currently thinking about themes surrounding tradition and my experience of living in the UK. The way places in the UK differ from one another and the way it's changing. I want to make work that is humorous and/or thought provoking.

These are the people who are currently inspiring my thoughts and ideas:

Bedwyr Williams

Jeremy Deller

Rachel Whiteread

I will be updating more regularly soon with pictures of work in progress and finished pieces. I hope to participate in more exhibitions this year and visit more galleries. I'm really enjoying the freedom of being a graduate, though I miss group critique and discussion. 

I am also planning to organise a group show of graduate work in London next year, if you're interested in helping out or participating, let me know.