Wednesday, 23 July 2008

London RollerGirls

London RollerGirls
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On Saturday night i went to see Summer Shovin', which was live Roller Derby in the form of London Rollergirls Team Black vs Team Pink, we were cheering on Sky Rokit, who was in team pink. Team pink won overall and the match was awesome to watch, so fast paced and exciting, with girls flying in all directions (but mostly round the track), it really made me want to skate.

After the match we went to the after party in a pub and i drank a lot, this later resulted in me falling down some bus stairs, which was pretty traumatic, especially cos i fell on a member of my team. It was nice to meet so many other Rollergirls though, from Bedford, London and i think there was a girl from Australia that i met too, but i may be wrong as i was pretty pissed by then.

Unfortunately though, i'm not going to be skateing this week, i'm taking a break to let me neck heal properly and save some cash. I also really need to get me a helmet before i skate more as i'm always falling over. The Romsey Town Rollerbillies are skateing at Mill Road Social Centre tonight, i wish i was there, but i know it's sensible to not go until i'm healed and stuff.


Sunday, 13 July 2008


Hello and welcome to my blog.

Well what have i done lately? On Thursday i went to a meeting with the Romsey Town Rollerbillies and on Saturday i went training with them, which was a lot of fun, i'm still slower than a five year old but i like to say i'm getting better. I need some new wheels for my skates, mine seem quite slow. Anyway, on Saturday i'm going to see the London Rollergirls live in action, which should be very cool. If i can take pictures i'll be sure to post them, also on Wednesday there will be more squat training at the Mill Road Social Centre with the Romsey Town Rollerbillies, so yay, busy week ahead. May be out Thursday or Friday night too but we shall, have to see.

In other news, i have a part time job which has secured me a source of income so that i can do such above things and much more.

Hmmm what next? I went to Falmouth recently to see the sea (and the University). I could totally see myself living there, it's a beautiful town, however it's pretty much in the middle of nowhere so we shall see. I have other places to look at first.

My new college Fine Art project is Narratives. I haven't got very far with it yet, i did a brain storm, which is how i usually kick off the ideas, but it didn't really lead anywhere, i had a lot of ideas but none really happened any further. Maybe i had too many ideas or maybe i just don't understand the word 'Narrative'. Either way, i better visit some galleries soon and get started.

That's all for now.