Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Potential project

One project I have been working on is a little personal interest photography project. I seem to live on one of the busiest streets in Winchester. I have never in my life lived on such a busy road before and it seems like something unusual is always happening here. So of course I have been documenting it. I think i'll call it 'From my window' or something like that. It's ongoing but here are a couple of images I've managed to get over the last few months.

Kind of inspired by photographer Philip-Lorca diCorcia who's work I saw at the 'Voyeurism, Surveillance and the Camera' exhibition at the Tate Modern.

Summer is here

So summer has come and along with the BBQs and the fun has come uncertainty. What do I do next. I need some focus, all I have done so far is take pictures, bake and write poetry. Oh and go to work and read books of course.

I do have a couple of ideas floating around though.

I also have vague plans surrounding getting my work exhibited which I really need to solidify soon.

Hopefully when I have my summer job(s?) sorted I can work around them to get some creativity out.

Saturday, 28 May 2011

I am stiff.
Trapped in a chrysalis. New formed wings beating against the same restraints.
Waiting, waiting.
Blind and yet, I see colours.

My body full of energy waits here. I am lonely. I am cold. I want to touch but I cannot feel.
All I trust, familiar.
And yet I fear the loss of it.

I am trapped. The chrysalis my mind.

Thursday, 19 May 2011

Fat Bitch, Greedy Bastard.

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So today we gave away cakes (I say we, I mean me, Tess and Sara, our little art collective). 100 cakes to be precise. Looking again at the etiquette of giving and things being free. This time, more people were suspicious. Maybe due to our performance at Women's day, or maybe just because there seemed to be no occasion for the cakes to be free. Everyone took though, some people took more than one, which basically reiterated the point.

We put flags in our cakes with the flavour on one side and an insult on the other, many noticed but some didn't.

I have also been doing a fair amount of drypoint printing, including experimenting with multiple plates or using the same plate twice. Here are a couple from Tuesday.

Am very pleased with the way my work has been going all in all.

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Dead flowers

Here is some of the work i've been doing with flowers

These are simply pressed, framed flowers. The idea was to frame them like a family portrait would be framed. As we keep photographs to remember people, or a lock of hair, I have preserved these flowers in similar way.

The top image of the above two is lots of flower residues from pressing flowers. I liked the idea of the traces they left behind. Transient proof of their existence and death. Like tiny obituary's or tombstones.

The bottom image is the same technique but on a much larger scale. I pressed a complete bunch of flowers in a press.

I really like this work and where it's been going. I am also working on a drypoint print related to this work.

My women's roles work is coming along well too, I am currently planning a performance and doing research for it.

Wednesday, 4 May 2011

25,387,425,356 things

University is back, Easter break is over. :)
I feel like there are many many things to do.

Tess and I still have many photos to edit for Women's day and I am furiously writing for the zine we are creating.

I have been baking too, in the name of art! Creating recipes and photographing them. I have been researching the Women's Institute and am planning to research the history of Women's roles.

I have also been in the studio a fair amount these last 2 days. Today I pressed flowers but on a large scale. My prints are currently drying and I will get them and photograph them tomorrow.

I have more etchings planned too. Basically a lot to do.