Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Dead flowers

Here is some of the work i've been doing with flowers

These are simply pressed, framed flowers. The idea was to frame them like a family portrait would be framed. As we keep photographs to remember people, or a lock of hair, I have preserved these flowers in similar way.

The top image of the above two is lots of flower residues from pressing flowers. I liked the idea of the traces they left behind. Transient proof of their existence and death. Like tiny obituary's or tombstones.

The bottom image is the same technique but on a much larger scale. I pressed a complete bunch of flowers in a press.

I really like this work and where it's been going. I am also working on a drypoint print related to this work.

My women's roles work is coming along well too, I am currently planning a performance and doing research for it.

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