Saturday, 4 April 2009

Today's sky

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I leave you with this.



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This is an unedited picture of my doll that i plan to use for my FMP if i ever get round to doing what i am actually meant to be doing. I'm going to try to replicate her in glass after easter.
I love how the colours came out in this picture.


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Here is a recent collage i did for my FMP. It's a collage about fragile materials.
I really enjoyed this. I wish all work was like this.


Well life has been going along okay. My public art project is finally over, i got 2 merits and a distinction which was okay. At least it's over now :) I've now moved on to my Final Major project which i should get all distinctions for if i work on it well as we've been learning to do project based work like this for two years now. I'm a little worried that i'm already heading in the wrong direction with it though as its meant to be about the fragility of the human body and instead i'm obsessed with pressing flowers and taking polaroids of the sky which isn't really helping. Spring is going to my head.

Decided on an art degree. Doing Fine Art at Winchester school of art. Sadly the fun bit is over now and i have to sort out finances and accommodation. Should be worth it when i get there though.

more to come xxx