Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Potential project

One project I have been working on is a little personal interest photography project. I seem to live on one of the busiest streets in Winchester. I have never in my life lived on such a busy road before and it seems like something unusual is always happening here. So of course I have been documenting it. I think i'll call it 'From my window' or something like that. It's ongoing but here are a couple of images I've managed to get over the last few months.

Kind of inspired by photographer Philip-Lorca diCorcia who's work I saw at the 'Voyeurism, Surveillance and the Camera' exhibition at the Tate Modern.


  1. I really like that idea :D
    If I decided to do something simmilar, it would show a progress of a tunnel construction :D Therefore, I won't do it and won't be a damn copycat :D

  2. There's not really any idea in Art that is not similar to another's ideas. We all seek inspiration and also, many ideas we think are unique have been done before. Your idea sounds different anyway so feel free and i'd love to see your work.
    Thanks, glad you like it.