Tuesday, 18 June 2013

WSA Degree show 2013! Part 1

I feel like this years degree show was the one I had been most excited for of all the degree shows at Winchester School of Art (other than my own of course, although that was equally terrifying and stressful). I knew a lot of the students in the year below me and have seen them progress, more that I thought possible, since I left.

Here are the highlights (for me) from this years show.

Lydia Emma Heath

 Lydia's work looks at themes including surveillance and the politics in public society. I always find her work makes makes me question and think. Find more of her work at:

Melody Grossman

Melody began at WSA as a portrait painter and developed her work looking at the relationship between painting and photography. The work she showed in her degree show looked at the process of abstraction when taking an image from a photograph to a painting. Find more of her work at: www.melodygrossman.co.uk

Hope Talbot

Hope's work is imaginitive and playful. I took a lot of pictures of the adorable fimo cats, but she is also an expert pattern creator, printmaker and paper cutter. Find more of her work at: www.intheglow.org

I will post more of the work I saw at the show soon.

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