Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Next generation Private view

The next generation at the London Miles Gallery is an exhibition showcasing new artistic talent, there were 12x12 inch artworks displayed from 45 international artists and also a sculptural installation by 'emerging british artists' which I was lucky enough to take part in.

You can see my box on the far left.
See my previous journal entry for more detailed pictures of it.

There was some really astounding artwork at the exhibtion, both in the main exhibition and in the box sculpture. I also met some very interesting and friendly people including a practicing artist who is working in a gallery space in London, I may go and see a private view there. I also met a really friendly photographer who was the event photographer and was telling me about her own work and a man who works within the centre containing the London Miles Gallery, Tess and I were keen to get our artwork into the centre and he had created a very amusing box for the sculpture as well showing the evolution of man - unfortunately I didn't get a picture of it.

All in all I really enjoyed the project and the message it was sending regarding recycling and reusing materials was a very good one!

The London miles gallery are a great place and very friendly towards students and emerging artists.

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