Sunday, 20 June 2010

Winchester school of art Degree show. PART 1

Yes I am having to blog about the WSA degree show in separate parts. It was THAT awesome.
I took my camera along but it was out of film so I couldn't take any photos of the show, which was very sad, however I came up with an alternative solution, I took cards from my favourite artists so I could look them up and write about them and blog their cards :)

Up first is Jade Davies.

Jade is a Graphics student, who's work was about mapping human emotion, her website doesn't appear to be up right now so I can't read further into what it was about, but I really enjoyed the visual representation of human emotion.

I also liked the work of Kate/Katherine rogers. There was a really eerie beauty to the hundreds of sewn up flowers in her work. Katherine was a Fine Art student, which means I found it a little more difficult to discern what was going on in her work, graphics students normally tell you what they are putting across, where as fine art is more subjective and harder to read.

Finally, i really liked the work of Graphics student; James D Clark.
His photography reminded me of the traces series of photographs i was doing a couple of months ago. His photography was really exceptional and I enjoyed the themes.

His website is currently live and he has a lot of other interesting work up.

The work that I saw was from the series 'elsewhere'. He says on his website:

So actually his theme was very similar to what I was doing last semester, his exploration was a lot more thorough however. My work was about the transient traces that people leave behind. Here is a comparison of our work:

An image from my series:

An image from his:

I found the whole show very inspiring and will be writing about more of the Art students / emerging british artists in my next blog post.

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