Friday, 1 February 2013

Meanwhile II

 I saw the exhibition 'Meanwhile II: Subtle interventions by: Susan Collis, Oona Culley, Daniel Eatock, Cadi Froehlich, Janne Malmros, Trevor H. Smith' a while ago now, whilst working at the Hartley Library, University of Southampton. There is a gallery on level 4, which regularly hosts either art or history exhibitions.

You'll have to forgive the images as they could be much better, however I think my camera battery for the light meter has run out and I just didn't notice, and relied on it a bit too much. This exhibition was hard to capture anyway, as most of the pieces were light in colour and some contained barely-there details.



I think what I took away from this, was that there can be a kind of subtlety that is very appropriate in relation to some areas of artwork. The exhibition was based around the themes of removal, omission, deconstruction. Sometimes what the work was about was the object which was missing or no longer present. Coffee/tea mug stains on a table are reminiscent of times past and conversations lost, words are barely impressed upon paper, and drawings are made by absent marks or gaps. 

Showing absence in work is something which is hard to do, so the variety of ways in which this had been done was inspiring.

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