Saturday, 2 February 2013


 Since seeing 'Eat your heart out' and some of the work at the Saatchi, I've been really interested in hearts, I was going to do a multiple colour linocut, but It is reasonably big and is taking time to plan out, so in the meantime I started doing this small, but highly detailed linocut.

I wanted to look at the heart as a symbol. Valentines day is coming up and hearts are everywhere, but the hearts we see on the shop shelves are a far cry from what a heart actually looks like.

I plan to make cards using my anatomically correct heart symbol in the place of the usual commercial heart.

I'm sure I will take this project further, but am so far pleased with the results.

I'm going to head into the print studio on Tuesday to print the final editions before moving the project along to creating the cards and beyond.

Beginning stages of cutting

Test prints 


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