Sunday, 26 August 2012

Dave McKean: A Retrospective at the Willis Museum

Yesterday a friend and I went to see the Dave McKean exhibition, which was on at a local museum in Basingstoke. It was a good exhibition with a great range in types of work by McKean, including mixed media, digital, book covers and movie posters.

 The work I enjoyed most was the mixed media work, an array of interesting materials were combined including slate, resin and bronze dust, in the side panels of the above piece. It definitely made me feel like being more experimental with the materials I use.

 McKean uses a dark palette, selecting bring colours sparingly, it gives and overall dark post apocalyptic feel at times.

The comic book work was great, so well executed and yet it looked so effortless.

It was interesting to see the range of work and how well it complimented each other, showing that a multi disciplinary practice can work well.

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