Friday, 3 February 2012

Winchester School of Art launch of the Winchester Centre for Global Futures in Art Design & Media!

Wednesday night was the Launch of the Winchester Centre for Global Futures (The name is really overly long, so I'm not going to keep writing it. Instead I'll go with WCGF).

The prospect of three hours of lectures seemed a little daunting, but as It got started, It actually flew by, the speakers were really engaging and there was a lot of time for questions, which I think is always the most important part anyway.

Most students went to see Jake Chapman of the Chapman brothers speak and he did not disappoint. He was down to earth and very open, willingly admitting that he hadn't enjoyed art school himself, though from his description of it, the art school we now know is much different to that of the past. Also when asked how his brother would be involved with his research he joked that he could carry his briefcase and clean his glasses.

I got to talk to Jake a bit after the lecture and asked him about collaborations, he said that it's a little bit of arguing and pushing for what you want, but it's great because only half of it is you and you have someone to see it differently and to critique you, he also spoke of how although everything had there name, they did not split it all 50/50 or anything, but some things were something one of them wanted to do more than the other. I can't imagine working with a sibling though although I suppose you can push your sibling further with less fear of offending them.

Overall I think that the WCGF will be an important part of Winchester School of Art. Research has always been a strong part of the University of Southampton's ethos and reputation and I'm glad that WSA is moving and evolving with the rest of the University.

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