Friday, 9 December 2011

Bronze pour

Today we did the bronze pour, it was great to see and very warm. The bronze is now cooling and I can't wait to see my cast cupcake on Monday.

The bronze is heated to 1100 degrees Celsius.

It is then lifted out in a carbon pot.

The impurities are skimmed off the top of the molten bronze.

The bronze is poured into the sand/plaster mix molds. (the wax structure was encased in the plaster sand combo and then put in a kiln to dry out and for the wax to melt out, so the plaster can be poured in).

It will take a day to cool.

The left over bronze cooling.

It's a lengthy process but should be worth it!


  1. Dear Laura,

    I think it's wonderful that you've

    now made bronze sculptures,

    thank you for showing the elaborate process

    you've gone through, it's really interesting.

    I'm sure you've loved the experience.

    Can I ask a question?

    What would it cost to make these from your

    initial moulds to the final result?



  2. Thanks Mark!

    Hard to say really, but not much, you can use a silicone cupcake mold to make the wax copy, but rubber and clay is better, then there's the cost of the plaster/sand. The bronze itself only cost me £6, so I would say under £10, though the cost is probably slightly higher if you use a rubber mold.