Thursday, 24 November 2011

Some more thoughts on Cupcakes.


I've been thinking about cupcakes too much and now I'm just beginning to really despise them. I want to make more art about them. I want there to be people suffering and terrible things happening and then I want there to be icing everywhere and cupcakes covering their heads, because cupcakes make everything better.

But they don't, they are just these self indulgent, horribly sweet little things which are so trendy right now and with the glitter and the over the top icing and accessories they are just hideous. They have curds inside and glitter and gold dust and hundreds and thousands, but what tops it all off is that they are individual, personal desserts. They are self indulgent, you don't share a cupcake, it's all for you. Miniature desserts, Ugh.

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1 comment:

  1. Dear Laura,

    I've just seen the fascinating

    images of your bronze cupcakes.

    Of course, I've followed your path the last months

    with your passion for cupcakes, which I've never

    understood. Sure, I like eating them sometimes

    but you've veered away from the interesting

    path you were exploring which began with the

    grave images and progressed to the flower

    drawings, prints and paperweights.

    Naturally, you are exploring a new theme,

    and you've just expressed the idea that cupcakes

    make everything better - which is amusing

    and partly true. I'm looking forward to see what

    you do next :-)

    Have a lovely sunday!