Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Installation experiments

Last week I did a few quick experiments in the installation room with the film that Tess and I shot during our first experiment.

I first tried to project onto the floor by angling the projector toward the ceiling and then mirroring the projection onto the ground. This didn't really work in the way I wanted it to. So I projected onto the wall.

I then found that projecting onto the wall actually worked well for what I was trying to do. Although the video was on the wall, it still felt as though the viewer was looking down onto the scene.

I then played with the idea of adding the silver tray, which we had used to put the cakes on in the original experiment, to project onto. There is something I really like about this, however I felt that it made the work harder to understand as you can no longer properly see what is going on.

So next I placed the tray on the floor. I liked this as it showed what was left after the experiment and was itself physical evidence that the experiment had taken place.

I sat in the room and thought about how the projection could become an exhibition. We had previously thought that we could have a picture of the cakes in the exhibition as a reference back to the original experiment and to show the audience how they tempted people. Whilst sitting there though, I thought it would be a much better idea to have the physical cakes there, much like the way that in 'Making a Scene', the way in which viewers walk through the room in Gillian Wearing's piece is similar to the original performance.

Thus I would like to host an exhibition with Tess in which there is a performance within a performance. I am hoping to do this before Christmas, just need to get some other work out of the way first and wait for the space to become available.

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