Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Pipilotti Rist: Eyeball Massage

On Saturday I went to the Hayward to see the work of Pipilotte Rist. She was not an artist I had heard of until a couple of weeks ago, when I saw her work on the Timeout London website. Later that week, both a friend and a tutor recommended I go to see the show, so I did.
Rist is a video artist and has an interesting and unique way of displaying her videos. As with Making a Scene, although I enjoyed the work, I was more intrigued by the methods of installation that she has used for her videos. Some you had to lay down to see, some you had to sit for and others were tiny videos on the floor which you had to kneel down at to best appreciate.

I had a lightbulb moment when I realised that a good way to display Tess and I's current video work would be to show the video on the floor looking down, rather than on the wall, as when videoing, we were looking down.

Rist also displayed her videos in other unique ways, such as installing them inside other objects or projecting them onto different materials and surfaces.

I really enjoyed the work itself too, it was happy work, celebratory and I felt as though I had entered another world or a dreamland. The way in which she used video and editing to project her themes were rough and exciting.

I would really recommend anyone to see her show. It's really been very useful for my work and I can't wait to experiment with different techniques now, when installing my own videos.

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