Monday, 27 June 2011


Been thinking about what to do over the summer and have a couple of ideas floating around.

1) Self Portraits
I want to look at self portraits. Photographic mainly. I figure if i take enough one of them will be good and I can learn more about photography along the way.

This is a self portrait by Diane Arbus and is one of my favourite photographs:

2) Secret Paintings
I have plans for some oil paintings involving the human body, but they will be slightly different to the last painting I did, more my usual styles and themes.

3) Secret Photos.
I have been working on a series of Black and White photos. Sadly I wont be able to develop these until October. However, this does give me plenty of time to work on the series. The theme is consumerism.

I will have some new photographs developed soon. Maybe early next week?

I am also reading a lot at the moment. Just read The Collector by John Fowles and am going to read The Magus now, also by Fowles.

1 comment:

  1. Hey Laura

    She has a melancholy air,

    I like her hairstyle,

    but my eye keeps going back to the

    slanted door.

    I would like to see the movie 'Fur' with Kidman

    playing Arbus - have you seen it?

    It sounds interesting.

    I also recommend 'Birth' - strange but compelling.

    I've never read Fowler but I will check him out.

    Have fun :-)