Saturday, 5 February 2011

Is this blog even about Art any more?

I need to figure out what to do this semester. Basically I need to stop skirting around with the artwork but also make it so it's able to relate more to others.
I also need to do more quick work.

Doing some workshops next week so shall definitely see what comes of them.

Have some ideas surrounding memory, loss, nostalgia. Just not sure how to play them out at all right now.


  1. Reflection time. I need to do some reflecting as well. Good luck with your work, and great mask by the way! xx

  2. art about memory loss would be quite interesting

    in that you'd be expressing amnesia in a form that's going to be memorable if it's any good... is there some way of making it good but forgettable so it's in tune with the theme?

    when i had drug amnesia i always felt my memory had been blowtorched so maybe you could blowtorch photographs

    also if you imagine the sane mind is arranged like a photo album, neat and in chronological order and themed; when i was mentally ill my memory was like photos strewn all over the floor out of order

    just a couple of ideas you might like to ponder...

  3. the strewn photos btw refers to memories of being mentally ill... i was too distracted to remember anything much so i suppose i was like scattered photos at the time too...

  4. @charlotte Thanks, yes I should really do more reflecting, would probably help.

    @Glenwood Thanks for the imput, some really interesting points, especially about the photo manipulation.