Tuesday, 1 February 2011

'Blue' by Derek Jarman

So on the theme of mortality.. i today found out about this video by artist Derek Jarman...

This is just the last part of the film.

The video ends with the words (at about 7.20 mins in):

Our name will be forgotten in time,
No one will remember our work
Our life will pass like the traces of a cloud
And be scattered like
Mist that is chased by the
Rays of the sun
For our time is the passing of a shadow
And our lives will run like
Sparks through the stubble. I place a delphinium, Blue, upon your grave

Jarman was dying when he made this film and it almost seems to me that unless you were dying yourself, you could not write such poignant words. People have often attempted to discuss my Dad's death with me and at first I could not discuss it at all, but now I still find it hard to discuss with people who have not experienced similar.

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