Friday, 7 January 2011

Perfect binding

Before Christmas I did a book binding workshop in 'Perfect Binding' with Artist Denise Hawrysio.

I made my book from a chapter in a book called "National Index of Parish Registers II by D.J. Steel"

The idea was to choose some material that was very focused on Tradition and ceremony surrounding burial, so that i could make a book to fit in with my practice.

I now plan to work into this book. I would like to incorporate the personal material that I wrote a couple of blog posts ago regarding my personal experience with death and burial.

I first thought of writing over the records, as a way to juxtaposition the very formal parish records with my own personal experience. However, when i trialed this, the personal, written text was hard to read, so I need to consider whether this is good or bad. I think part of my work is about me being ready to understand and accept everything and therefore perhaps I should make my text readable, if i am ready to share it.

I have quite a few end pages in the book, so the text could go there.

I really like book binding and want to do more books next semester.

Sorry about the pictures, they're not that good but my scanner is still broken.

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