Monday, 5 August 2013

Some extra photos from the WSA Degree Show 2013

Recently got a film developed and found a few more pictures from this years degree show. I will add the names and information for the artists where I know or can find it. If any information is wrong, out of date or missing, please let me know!

 Donna Vokes

Lydia Heath 

Tom Czarnota

Andy Reaney

 Camrin Schinkel

 Rebekka Turner

Hope Talbot

Sarah Potts

Melody Grossman


And here's a gratuitous shot of my fiancé enjoying the degree show refreshments. It was an enjoyable evening and I hope to go again next year and take more pictures.

As for now. I'm off to the Saatchi gallery this week to see the paper exhibition and will take lots of photos there. I will have more time on my hands soon so I'm looking for inspiration so I can get making.

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