Tuesday, 1 March 2011

A video I took in the summer.

Looking back, I found this video I took in late summer on a train, I often take photos and videos on the train, I like the way that the countryside blurs past us.

Summer travelling

I also took the above photograph in the summer. I like the effects created.

It is brilliant the way that now, we can fit so much into our lives due to being able to travel, in a faster and easier way. We can see so much. We do so much to try to save time now. We are afraid we will not fit everything in.


  1. Hi Laura,

    I also like to shoot stuff from

    a train, recently I shot a 90 sec.

    clip of the railtracks at high speed

    and ended it as it slowed down.

    Perhaps, I should loop it, find

    a cool music track and post it?