Monday, 13 December 2010

I am frustrated. I am a frustrated artist?

My scanner is broken and I have several draft entries for this blog ready to go but can't scan anything. I will have to try to use a scanner at uni tomorrow.

Above is an image from a large format photography workshop I did in the summer, I still don't have the negs back from the workshop, when I do get them I will post more about it. I am still struggling to get permission to use the Universities' large format camera, however I have booked out a Mimaya medium format camera this week and will be using it on Wednesday for a little photographic mission at the seaside. I am off to beachy head to have a look around as kind of a side project on Suicide sites in the UK. I want to understand why people take their lives and why they choose these places.

So hopefully the end of this week will yield more results than the last week.


  1. Hope you had a good time on Friday, sorry I couldn't make it.
    I love the picture,can't wait to see more! Good luck with getting the camera. We pay enough for Christ's sake!! grrrr!

  2. gorgeous photo, your side project sounds amazingly poignant, I hope it turns out well!

  3. Beachy Head... bloody hell if I was going to do myself in I'd go for an express train, not a drop off a cliff. Knowing my luck I'd splash into the sea and survive, hahaa!

    That mushroom is that a fly agaric without the white dots, or some close relation or what?

    I used to see a lot of fly agarics in my childhood as we lived near some birchwoods, they seem to love birch trees for some reason.

    I once bought a self-published book titled Shade of the Marseilles Tarot written by an Agaric-triphead.

    NOT toadstool territory I'd ever venture into. My tripping days are over. I trip for free now. Possibly because of all the drugs I took in the past. My struggle now is with opiates. I gave up heroin (bar one abberation) for about a month. But the last 5 days I fucked up and used every single day and blew £100. I'm seriously unimpressed with myself.

    We're all frustrated, darling. We're both artists. Consider the matter not too deeply. Do your art. Don't analyse. Just BE. You ARE an artist. BE one.

    That's my message to you from one artist to another...


  4. PS I forgot to ask: what's this suicide study of yours? Are you studying psychology or something..?

  5. @Charlotte: No problem at all :) Thanks, i really enjoy large format photography but they don't make things easy for us fine art photographers at WSA :P

    @Amy: Thank you, me too! I will hopefully have some results soon.

    @Glenwood: Not sure on the exact type of mushroom, I will try to figure it out. Hope you have a good new year too and yes I will try not to over analyze. I am studying fine art, which encompasses life, psychology, philosophy, everything.