Saturday, 13 November 2010


The video I tried to take of this didn't really work. I need to learn to use video better. I think I may have a small amount of usable footage but not much.

These are the digital pictures of the work, they were challenging for me to take, only because I am not used to taking pictures in the dark, so I was quite experimental with the settings I used etc.

The first picture shows how the installation looks in the light and the second shows it with some light, the 3rd and 4th pictures show it in complete darkness.

I am still waiting for manual pictures, no idea how they will come out.

I plan to do further research into death masks and will be visiting London later this week to go and see a famous one.

I am really interested in the idea of remembering someone, perhaps we do not make death masks now because we have photographs as a way to remember people, in a way death masks were not so strange.


  1. Creepy! And an interesting thought. It is odd how utterly alien some practices can seem to us that once meant a lot to some people.

  2. True. It's hard to gauge now why people did certain things and i suppose this project is leading me to think as them in some ways.
    Their practices may seem strange to us now but there was a reason for them and i'm sure our practices will seem strange in the future too.