Saturday, 9 October 2010

Graves, Royston

Graves, Royston, originally uploaded by Laura E Gardner.

Finally developed a few more of the grave pictures. I took this one in Royston. I liked these ones, they were kind of dark and mysterious. Black and white definitely can change the mood and tone of a picture completely.

I'm going to be mostly taking pictures in black and white this semester as i have access to the dark room. I also want to fully master black and white film. I have some cool ideas for techniques i want to try out in the darkroom over the coming months.


  1. Dear Laura,

    Gee, I was giggling when I read

    that you like 'Heathers'- me too!

    I haven't see it for yonks.

    It's a total riot.

    The new platinum prints are divine.

    With regard to the hand/butterfly

    image, it seems to transform your

    hand (is it your hand?) into a

    waxwork, an imitation, yet at the

    same time there's a contradiction,

    it feels as if the butterfly could

    fly away at any moment.

    What time of the day did you shoot

    the Royston grave image? It makes

    me feel like a deviant gravedigger

    from a Poe story.

    Perhaps, I will try to articulate

    my thoughts about you on my blog,

    especially with regard to your

    death mask.

    Warm Regards


  2. Hi Mark.

    Thanks once again for your insight and comments.

    It is my hand in the picture- i never really paid attention to it, always focusing on the butterfly, but yes it does look wax like. I love the quality of the platinum prints. The poor butterfly doesn't look particularly dead does it? I wasn't sure if that image fit with the series but i liked it so much that i included it.

    The grave photos were taken in the daytime, however the graveyard was dark in places so with them being black and white they look pretty dark, also i printed them quite dark as i didn't want to overexpose them and loose detail, but also i liked the darkness, meaning you have to look at them closely.

    Heathers is an excellent film by the way! - what else do you like? I like morbid films or films with a sinister twist, like pretty persuasion, heathers, cracks or Hard candy.

    There will be a post about my death mask pretty soon and then another a little later when i do some more complex work with it.